Music Chord Teacher Macintosh

The Music Chord Teacher is a serious note teacher program that is fun to play. A practicing pianist and composer programmed this music software. Students will learn the chords for all the major keys. The game also includes the fret boards for the equivalent guitar chord. This will enable both piano and guitar students to benefit from using this program. The game also includes the option to show either the standard or roman style chord notation. This will help both serious student and those who are interest in learning to read popular music. The Music Chord teacher will teach students the notes of the treble clef. If you need to learn all the musical notes I recommend you start off with my programs Musical Space Invaders or Music Scale Teacher.

The Music Chord Teacher provides you with a very stimulating and creative setting for learning the chords. It lets you customize every detail of the lesson. First select the key or keys you want to study. Then specify which scale degrees to include in your questions. Drill down further to select the exact inversions to include. Once you are ready just click on the Start button to play. One to seven random chords will be played on the musical staff from within the parameters that you have defined. You answer the questions by playing the correct notes on the computerized piano. You click the piano keys in the same order that you read the chord in. For example, if the chord were C Major you would answer by playing C, E, and G on the piano. The notes youve selected will remain highlighted and numbered 1, 2, and 3 on the piano until the chord is complete. If you have accidentally selected a wrong note, just click on the note again and it will be cleared. The interface is so easy that even a 4 year old could use this program. I have not included the option to use a midi keyboard because I think it would distract from the lesson. The Music Chord Teacher is teaching several skills simultaneously so you really need the hands on experience to reap all its benefits.

This program includes many options and features. As with my other programs it includes a student name and grade database. Chord Teacher goes one step further by including and optional floating history window. This window keeps you up to date with all the detail of the game in progress. Zero in on those real trouble spots. When your done save it as a web page! Show your friends or teacher that you really did practice. These features make the program great for the classroom or music studio.

This program is very easy to use. All the music graphics are very large and easy to read. Each interactive screen elements has help tips attached to quid you along the way. This online version is fully functioning except that you will not have access to all the keys. Once you register the program the unlocking code will be emailed to you. The price for this program is $25.00. Schools can order an unlimited site license for just $100. To purchase a site license enter 4 into quantity field below.

Why pay all that money for those commercial programs that dont teach anything? You will certainly get your moneys worth with this program.

You can download this program at:

Please download and try this program yourself before ordering the unlocking code!

Purchase the full version for unlimited use

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