Monster Script’s Bundle (With Full Resell Rights)

Monster Script's Bundle (With Full Resell Rights)

Just take a look at what you get.
The CGI Bundle- 101 Script’s in all
PHP Scripts- 30 Scripts in all
Mega Scripts Bundle- Includes a variety of Scripts in PHP, Flash, Java, JavaScript’s, DHTML, CGI, ASP and other Miscellaneous Scripts.
JavaScript’s- 202 Scripts in all varieties.

This is a whopping 72Mb download, enough to start a brand new scripts website if you wanted to. This is a great collection of hundreds of high quality scripts. Take advantage of this super offer and get 100% “Full Master Resell Rights”, you name your price, you sell them as often as you wish. Sell the bundle just one time and you have already gotten yourself a free copy.

Purchase the full version for unlimited use

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