MessageLock eMail Encryption add-in for Outlook

MessageLock eMail Encryption add-in for Outlook

MessageLock for Outlook combines email encryption and zip file compression into one useful utility. Download a fully functional trial today and see how easy it is to send an encrypted email or file attachments. Do you need to send important documents to a client? Is the speed of email communications desirable? Have you given up trying to get your client to implement a complex public key or certificate-based email encryption system? If so, MessageLock can help! MessageLock is an email encryption and file compression add-in for Microsoft Outlook, versions 2007/2003/XP/2000. MessageLock uses strong AES-256 bit encryption to protect your messages. MessageLock uses password-based encryption, and is much easier to implement than complex public key infrastructures. MessageLock makes it simple to send encrypted messages or file attachments on on a regular or occasional basis. It?s perfect for securing email to small businesses or clients, and doesn?t require the recipient to install special software. MessageLock lets you send the recipient a file that will self-decrypt when the correct password is entered. It will also work with common zip utilities (such as WinZip) that support AES encryption. MessageLock integrates email encryption and a zip file compression into Outlook, and provides single-click encryption of email messages and attachments within Microsoft Outlook. To use MessageLock, just click the Encrypt Email button and send your email. If MessageLock can’t find a password for the recipient, it prompt you for a password. If you wish, MessageLock can store the password and then remember it the next you send to this email address. If the recipient has MessageLock installed, the message can be decrypted immediately upon receipt and displayed as a regular message. Download a free trial of MessageLock today, and enjoy the benefits and convenience of secure email!

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