Macrorit? Partition Extender Server Edition

Partition Extender is attached to the importance of data safety and invent its world the first data safety guaranteed Partition Management Software which can cancel the program during the operation, power off in operating and other similar damages. Feature List: 1. Under windows platform, any operations can be canceled at any time. You can cancel the command at any time, and restore data to previews status. 2. If there are some issues like power shortage and other similar damages may concern your data, Partition Extender will help you restore the data without any data lose in 1 second. That is the most effective way to protect your most important enterprise and personal data. 3. Maximum performance of file system in operation, whatever how many the disk fragmentation is, after the finish the copy process, the new disk partition will have zero disk fragmentation. While resize and move command will automatically optimize the disk fragmentations, your file system will have best performance. 4. Obtain the best data moving algorithm, 300% faster than normal software with lesser CPU resource. 5. Portable Edition available. We have portable edition on Partition Extender, which makes you manage disk partition easier and more convenient.

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Summary: Partition Extender, Management Software, windows, CPU, 1 second, 300%

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