Macrorit? Disk Scanner Unlimited Edition

Macrorit? Disk Scanner Unlimited Edition

Upgrade Macrorit Disk Scanner to Unlimited Edition will benefit you: 1. Scan multiple disks at the same time with understandable detailed scan log covering bad sectors?range. 2. Automatically Shut down computer when scan finishes, save time and energy, especially useful when scan large capacity hard drives or SSDs. 3. Commercial use means IT Pros, technical service providers, or other organizations have authority to provide charged technical services to help diverse clients. 4. Free lifetime upgrade gives you continually upgraded features for FREE. You can take the guesswork out of software budgeting by paying for tomorrow’s software at today’s prices. 5. Periodic friendly notifications. Rest assured that you or your organization will always know about the latest updates and improvements to Macrorit perpetual software. 6. Unlimited License for unlimited computers in one company.

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