LunarPhase Pro Version 3 CDROM

LunarPhase Pro Version 3 CDROM

LunarPhase Pro (for Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP) is a moon observer?s toolkit designed to make your observing sessions more productive. By using the integrated observation planning tools and the general lunar data presented on screen, you’ll be able to easily plan for an observing session and be productive while observing. LunarPhase Pro contains an interactive Moon Atlas and over 9,200 features in its database. Maps can be zoomed, panned over and printed out, Search the database for features matching your criteria. Emulate the view through your telescope. These, and many other tools are all integrated together into one low cost solution. No other lunar software package matches the range of tools included.

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The software is written with the observer in mind and is very easy to learn and use. Its simple, yet powerful features will provide you with the information you require to make your lunar observing sessions more fun! To find out more about the software, go to:

New Version 2 Features:
- The Moon’s correct orientation as seen in the sky is now displayed
- Label only those features along the terminator for easy identification
- Find out if the Moon interferes during meteor showers
- Graphic display of positions of rising and setting Sun
- Tells you what constellation the Moon is in for the selected time and date
- Find future times and dates for when lunar features are under the same illumination
- Over 9,200 lunar features are now included in the inbuilt database, including the Lunar 100
- Search the database for the features you want
- Rukl Chart outlines can be overlaid on moon map
- Lists of features for each Rukl Chart can be viewed
- Emulate the view of the moon as seen through your own eyepieces
- Record your own observation notes – many features come with pre-installed notes
- Link multiple images to specific lunar features
- Different map textures can now be selected – 3 mineral, one gravity and a Clementine Near infra-red map.

Main Feature Summary:
- Main screen displays all the information you need at a glance
- View moon information for different times and dates
- Explore the moon’s near and far sides using 2D and 3D moon maps
- Over 9,200 lunar features are included in the inbuilt database, including the Lunar 100
- Lunar maps are fully corrected for libration
- Maps can be panned, zoomed and printed out
- Identify features on maps with a simple mouse-click or from user-configurable labels
- Displays a list of terminator features that is updated in real time
- Animate the moon showing libration effects and a traveling terminator
- Monthly Libration diagrams for determining the best limb-features to view
- Moon visibility diagrams show when the moon is visible from your location
- First Crescent Visibility information
- Displays times of sunrise and sunset at lunar features as seen from your location
- Calculates circumstances of lunar eclipses
- Max. and min. Apogee and Perigee dates and distances
- Monthly phase diagrams
- Links to online lunar web resources
- Configure the display to match the view through your telescope/binoculars
- Displays sun rise/set times and twilight times for your location
- Dates of Equinoxes and Solstices and duration of seasons
- Store multiple observing locations
- Print out diagrams, maps and calendars

Please note that the price includes $3.50 S&H to anywhere in the world.

Purchase the full version for unlimited use

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