LunarPhase Lite

LunarPhase Lite is a simple application that provides basic information about the Moon and Sun and is of use to photographers, fishermen, gardeners, military, amateur astronomers, astrologers, Wiccan and financial people (e.g. stockbrokers).

The software offers the following features: Moon rise and set times; Sun rise and set times; Times of morning and evening twilight; Current moon phase; Times and dates of the major moon phases for the current month; An inbuilt calendar that lets you see data for diffeennt dates and times ; A Daily View diagram that shows where the Moon and Sun will be in the sky for the selected date; The Daily View diagram and information can be printed out; A calendar for the selected month (showing rise/set times and daily moon phases) can be printed out; Lists Equinox and Solstice information as well as the length of the seasons for the selected year; Gives the date of Easter Sunday for the selected year; Provides data on a selected date – day/week no.; days till Christmas; Links to online resources on the Moon.

The Daily View screen shows where the Moon and Sun will be during the day, overlaid on a blue band that shows morning and evening twilight and the hours of daylight. In addition, the height of the Moon and Sun on the day in question are also shown. For photographers, this information will show the best times during the day to find the quality of light for photography. For fishermen, it will show the best times for night-time fishing when the moon is high and bright, for instance; for gardeners, it will show when to sow by moonlight; for military, it will allow planning of night-time exercises or sorties, around new moon when the night sky is at its darkest; for amateur astronomers, it will show when to do your observing – when the moon is near new or predominantly in the daytime sky (if you prefer observing deep-sky objects); or when it’s high in the night-time sky if you enjoy obseving the moon itself.

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