Lumin Data Verifier

Lumin Data Verifier

Lumin Data Verifier is data validator software for windows based operating system that can validate or refine data from source media. Basically, it helps to identify corrupt or unhealthy data files from source data and remove the corrupt data files while processing, hence provides only data possess good health and free from any corruption. It is most solicitous utility for Data Recovery scenarios to which recovered data used to check manually due to presence of garbage or corrupted data. Lumin Data verifier scans the entire source data files within its user interface and provide only healthy data for saving. This will save lots of manual effort and resource time as well. This utility can be used with high density of data with ease. Lumin Data Verifier Software is specially designed utility for companies that provide data recovery services to the end user and are facing similar kind of issue on daily basis. Lumin Data validator software can be useful in data migration and data verification at post data transmission stage before final submission of transferred data. It can refine the data got corrupted through various means in channel or medium. It incorporates most of file types from Images, Audio-video, and Documents along with ability to create HTML tree of verified data and Log file for the end user. The HTML tree is a very important feature for data recovery companies to share the recovered and healthy data tree.

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