Load balancing–GWT SYSTEM

Load balancing--GWT SYSTEM

GWT system is server-based computing application virtualization platform.It deploys various applications?ERP/OA/CRM…?on GWT system servers,client is quickly and safely access the server-authorized applications through WEB.It realizes centralized applications, remote access and collaboration.creating a centralized, convenient, safe and efficient virtualization support platform for users. Values of GWT SYSTEM: 1.All applications run on server,greatly reduces implementation, maintenance and upgrade costs,as well as network and hardware cost, so the total ownership cost is decreased. 2.It supports iOS,Android and other mobile terminal,completely supports the access to public cloud and private cloud,you can work any time and any place,greatly improves the working efficiency. 3.It breaks out the limitation of technology architecture in application system?expanding the application scenarios of C/S architecture ,making B/S architecture more safely and efficiently.reducing the risk and cost of developing new system. 4.It completely solves the information sharing,data safety,coordination work between head office and branches.Quickly build information management system for new branches,reduce the cost of business expansion. Advantages of GWT SYSTEM: 1.Comprehensive security The unique gateway,complete system security policies,multiple authentication methods ensure the safety of user?s data and applications. 2.Support various mobile clients It completely supports iOS,Android and other smart mobile device,mobile office is available. 3.Stable load balance and network fault tolerance Powerful load balance failover capability effectively makes critical applications operate uninterrupted.Network fault tolerance solves the off-line problems in unstable network. 4.Multiple domain smart analysis Client automatically find relevant domain login information to achieve the domain name resolution, background synchronization update IP addresses, while domain providing fault tolerance, thus reducing dependence on a domain name, to ensure the reliability of the connection. 5.Client smart print It supports multiple types of printer and various scenarios.It is more efficient and stable.It reduces the complexity of printing and solves many problems in traditional print technology. 6.Efficient backup and restore functions With full backup and restore capabilities,it can quickly backup and restore GWT system parameters, greatly shorten the time of re-install and configuration. 7.Fast and convenient access Data transmission via RAP Agreement, only transfer vector data for quick access to the application server.

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