Lazesoft Recovery Suite Technician Edition

Lazesoft Recovery Suite Technician Edition

Windows Server and Computer Data and System recovery CD, every Windows Technician should have one – Lazesoft Recovery Suite Technician Edition. As a Technician, do I need to prepare a couple of Recovery CD, Windows 2003 recovery CD, Windows 2008 recovery CD, Windows 2003 64 bit Recovery CD, Windows 2008 64 bit Recovery CD, Windows 7 Recovery CD, Data Recovery CD, Partition Manager CD, Windows Password Recovery CD…? No, with Lazesoft Recovery Suite Technician Edition, you just need one Recovery CD for all situations. Technician License Lazesoft Recovery Suite Technician Edition covers all features of Server Edition, the Technician Edition has Technician License. The Technician License – Business license that provides unlimited worldwide licensing for corporation / Government / Educational Institution. Technician License – For System Recovery, Data Recovery, Password Recovery Service Providers / Repair and Maintenance Companies. Provide technical services to your clients, Used on an unlimited number of computers. Why Technician Edition? Provide technical services with unlimited usage. Free lifetime preferential technical service. Boot up any computer Support RAID and all Windows Operating Systems. Fixing all Windows boot and crash problems including booting failure, virus affections,blue/black screen, and more. Recover any files from your hard disk, memory card and flash drive no matter deleted, formatted, disk corrupted. Recover Windows local and domain admin password when you forgot or lost it; Find Windows CD key when you need to reinstall it. Disk Backup and Clone solutions including disk/partition imaging, cloning, wiping, partition creating, formating and more.

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