Kripto Video Protector

Kripto Video Protector

Prevent others from accessing your private media files (video and audio) by packing media files in to Password Protected Media File (PPMF) with AES-256 encryption at high speed. You can play PPMF files on the fly with no delay, no trace. It doesn’t need any external codecs it can play all media formats including HEVC x265 12-bit. PPMF file contains encrypted media data, poster image, video thumbnails, tags, subtitles, rating, original file name, media codec information etc. PPMF file is lossless, when you know password of PPMF file, you can extract original data whenever you want without any data loss including original file name, file creation time, file last access time etc. Some data of PPMF file can be editable (password required) such as rating, media descriptive tags, poster image, you can embed subtitle files too. You can list PPMF files with thumbnails like images in a folder, you can rate PPMF files, search and filter and sort by title, file name, rating, tags, artist etc, and you can preview thumbnails by moving mouse cursor on poster images to see video thumbnails without playing it. Also you can see thumbnails by moving mouse cursor on player duration slider to see thumbnail before seeking to any position. You can watch movies as dubbed in your native language by using Text to speech to speak aloud subtitle (it is very helpful for people with vision, slow reading or similar problems ). You can download subtitles for movies and TV sires and synchronize subtitles with videos by time synchronization or FPS, it also supports preview of edited subtitles with video. With duplicate PPMF finder you can find and delete duplicate PPMF files. It provides very strong privacy protections. You can use panic button to lock the application or when PC idle timeout is reached application locks itself. You can unlock it by entering one of the previously entered password. When an unauthorized person try to unlock it, application shuts itself down. It uses secure string technology in .NET framework to protect password in memory. In this way there is no way to steal your password from memory while using the application. No need to enter password for every file, when you intent to watch multiple media files leave the application opened, application remembers passwords temporarily until it closes or lock itself when panic button is pressed or when PC idle timeout is reached. So do not worry about your privacy when you leave the application opened. Warning: if you lost password of PPMF file, there is no way to recover, decrypt, play or guess the content of PPMF file. Kiss that file(s) goodbye.

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