Jpeg Scrubber

Jpeg Scrubber

Jpeg Scrubber – Reduce file size & remove private information from Jpeg images – with no change to the image!

Did you know that most Jpeg files contain lots of secret hidden data? This increases the size of your files, and exposes privacy issues when published on your website.

Jpeg Scrubber can batch process folders of Jpegs, removing the hidden data, reducing the file sizes, reducing download times and removing private information.

For example, Jpeg Scrubber can take a 56 KB image and reduce it to 13 KB, without changing a single bit of the image. For a reference to this please see our homepage.

The software has been designed to be used as part of your website publishing workflow.

Scrubbed information includes:

Camera Model
Date Taken

Metadata includes:

Exif Data
Adobe Photoshop Properties
XMP Properties
IPTC Headers

Jpeg Scrubber can create summary reports of the scrubbing process, or full reports showing a text representation of the data that was removed.

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