Johannes (Jan) Vermeer Art Screensaver – 65 Paintings in One Screensaver

Johannes (Jan) Vermeer Art Screensaver - 65 Paintings in One Screensaver

Vermeer, 1632 to 1675, was a Dutch Baroque painter who specialized in domestic interior scenes of ordinary life. Moderately successful as a provincial painter, he became virtually forgotten for nearly two hundred years, but was rediscovered in the mid 1800s. Since that time, despite the fact that few of his paintings survive, his reputation has grown, and he is now acknowledged as one of the greatest painters of the Dutch Golden Age. He is particularly renowned for the intimacy his subjects exude and his mastery in the treatment of light and perspective. NOTE, Some of the images of the 60 painting count in this collection are details from the full Vemeer paintings, wihich are also included. This art slideshow displays each painting for up to 16 minutes (user modifiable) before softly blending into the next image. Why just hang art prints and posters on the wall? Turn your computer into a digital picture frame of famous masterpieces by history’s greatest artists when it’s not being used. It’s like strolling through the great art museums and art galleries of the world. As beautiful as Giclee prints. An elegant touch to your environments interior designs. Inspirational and educational. Add these screensavers to your computer desktop collection of themes, wallpapers, backgrounds and icons. Supplies an endless gallery of beautiful images. (All images suitable for viewing by any age group.) Can be sent as gifts on your behalf. Free full version trial download available. From Fine Art Screensavers for the Home, Office and School LLC.

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