jAgency – Model Portpolio & Booking System

jAgency - Model Portpolio & Booking System

It is a complete solution with 100% source code that can help you create fully dynamic Agency Model portfolio and booking system. It is current avaialble in ASP.NET MVC. It support fully customizable, easy to use & manage portfolio system where you can manage unlimited model portfolios & profiles It provides ability for creating unlimited beautiful albums and associate it with any model or celebrity profile. It provide advance module that can help site administrator to setup each model / celebrity attribute used within profile dynamically from control panel. It is wrapped with single page full featured control panel that can help site administrator to manage website settings, configurations and model profiles. It include blogging module that can help you write beautiful blogs and articles and attach celebrity profiles / albums dynamically. It include beautiful designed front end templates but also provide easy way to customize templates or use your own templates easily. It have built-in support for hosting media files in AWS S3 Cloud Storage & stream via AWS Cloud Front. You can easily use alternative cloud service by making little bit changes in code It include hundreds of optional modules that can help you add unlimited features easily including searching, video listing, appointments and more. It provides various filter optionat that can help you group multiple items in a single units. Filter includes categories, tags, featured, archive and more It provides fully customizable SDK that can help you customize the whole front end functionality in hundreds of ways in minutes. More feature includes i: Multiple Languages Ability to manage multiple languages and select any of language as default language while provide option for users to select his / her desired language from selected languages list. ii: Mail Processing Engine jAgency kit provide advance mail processing functionality that can help site administrator to customize mail templates used in various site events. It can also help creating more mail templates and integrate it with any event with application. iii: Sitemap Generator jAgency Kit provides dynamic sitemap generator that can help you generate and submit sitemap (of model portfolios, media albums, articles) to google, bing, yahoo etc search engines for fast indexing iv: Category Management jAgency provides advance category management system that can help you create unlimited categories for grouping portfolios, media albums and articles. v: Tags Management jAgency Kit also provide tags or label concept that can allow you to associate portfolois, media albums and articls with different tags or labels. These labels or tags can act as mini categories for grouping contents into useful tags or labels.

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