iStonsoft iOS Manager

iStonsoft iOS Manager

iStonsoft iOS Manager is a simple yet professional tool for iDevices users, which allows users to backup, transfer, edit, manage, view, etc. iPhone, iPad or iPod data easily. With it, you can: 1. Transfer more than 10 types of files from iDevice to computer freely, including contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, call history, notes, safari bookmarks, books, purchased items, etc. 2. Import contacts, calendars, bookmarks, etc. from PC to iPhone, iPad or iPod as you like. 3. Uninstall any unwanted apps from your iOS device with 1 simple click. 4. Export contacts and messages into various formats, such as HTML, CSV, VCF, XML and so on. 5. Compatible with almost all iPhone, iPad and iPod on the market.

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