iSkysoft TunesOver for Mac

Export music, videos, photos and more from your iPhone, iPod, iPad to Mac or iTunes

iSkysoft TunesOver for Mac is an innovative iPhone/iPod/iPad transfer and manager which enables you to copy all media files from your iDevice to Mac or iTunes Library.

Music/Video/Photos Transfer
TunesOver is designed to provide a smart enough transfer function with which you can transfer all your music, videos and photos etc from your Apple device to Mac or iTunes in one simple click without copying any duplicating contents. Not just copy file from Apple device to iTunes or Mac, you can also export any media files from your iTunes or Mac to your Apple device!

Music/Video/Photos Converter?Convert your files to be Apple device compatible and enjoy them anywhere!
With iSkysoft TunesOver, you don?t have to worry about any compatibility issues any more. It is smart enough to automatically detect the formats of the files during the transfer process and convert those files to any Apple device compatible while still keeping its original quality. Media feast is just that easy!

Super easy Backup solution ensures you no data loss under any circumstances
Apart from its intuitive transfer and converter solution, another thing amazing about this program is that it also offers you the ability to backup files on your Apple device to iTunes or hard drive of your Mac, files including songs, videos, photos, ebooks and more. By backing up the files, you will no longer need to worry about data loss even if you delete your favorite video accidently or even experience system crash on your device.
What?s more, you can also manage your media files such as creating new playlists, albums, editing/deleting/transfer files from within the program.

Perfectly fit into all iOS versions from iOS 5 to the latest iOS 7.1 and support all iPhone/iPad/iPod devices

Purchase the full version for unlimited use

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