Investment-Calc Solutions IRR & NPV

Investment-Calc Solutions IRR & NPV

Capital improvement investment analysis – quick and easy way to evaluate improvement projects – cash flows – rate of returns- net present values.

Present value compensation for loss of employment income including bonuses up to 40 years (can be extended). Get the right figures. Ensure compliance.

Net present value and internal rate of cost reductions from reorganization of departments requiring severances and below the line expenses.

Net present value of loan notes.

Rate of return of real estate income project including buy and sell.

Advanced real estate project analysis.

Cash Flow Projections for 150 days

Cash Flow Analyzer for Rate of Return Values

All the equations are fully readable. Just click Cntrl and select the keyboard ‘ character to display all the formulas.

The download link for the zip file containing all eight separate workbooks will be delivered in your payment confirmation window. In addition an email will arrive with the link.

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