Investment Calc 2016

This three part Excel workbook program provides a quick route to working out the rate of return from any automation, cost reduction or robotic installation program using reductions in payroll and wages costs as the primary investment justification plus increased efficiencies.

A large employee/wages database will fully expense all payroll costs for you including paid holidays, recruitment expenses to hourly cost rates per employee.

Cost recovery programs guidance, eligibility and time sheets will help you claim development costs from R&D tax credit programs.

And for every 100,000 your firm can recover using tax credits, reinvestment of this cash in new plant and equipment can lead to a further savings through accelerated tax depreciation. A win win situation.

The rate of return solution calculates the rate which reduces present values of annual improvement of cash flows over 1-20 years to zero.

This by definition willl be the annual rate of return of your automation – cost reduction – robotics – software project.

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Summary: R&D tax credit, tax credits, 20 years

Concepts: Depreciation, Investment, Net present value, Taxation in the United Kingdom, Expense, Rate of return, Cash flow

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Tags: R&D tax credit, primary investment justification, Excel workbook program, robotic installation program, hourly cost rates, cost reduction, tax credit programs, Cost recovery programs, large employee/wages database, project.Get Investment Calc, win win situation, tax credits, Net present value, financial aid/financial aid, annual rate, tax depreciation, payroll costs, return solution, development costs, cash flows, Cash flowCategories, quick route, recruitment expenses, time sheets, new plant, unlimited useSummary, United Kingdom, /finance/personal finance/insurance/business, present values, annual improvement, automation, efficiencies, reinvestment, reductions, eligibility, holidays, 100,000, firm, equipment, software, version, yearsConcepts, 1-20, industrial/finance/grants, scholarships

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