ImebraX (was DicomXBridge)

ImebraX (was DicomXBridge)

DicomXBridge is a Dicom ocx/activex. Embed it in your application and it will be able to read, display and generate Dicom files. It supportd a wide range of Dicom formats, including DICOMDIR files (read only) so your application can read Dicom CDs. Main features: Open large datasets The ocx/activex can can open large Dicom datasets: only the needed tags are loaded in memory, while the others are left on the disk until an operation requests them. Jpeg, Jpeg lossless and RLE compression and decompression DicomXBridge can handle most of the Dicom image formats, both in compression and decompression mode. The jpeg codec supports ip to 12 bits per color channel (lossy compression) or up to 16 bits per color channel. The Dicom codec supports up to 32 bits per color channel in RAW or RLE compressed files. Unicode aware. The ocx/activex can handle the Dicom charsets and convert them from/to Unicode. The ocxmanages the Dicom charsets automatically, when reading or writing a Dicom file. Your application will have to handle just unicode strings. Read and write the Dicom tags The application can read Dicom tags (even when embedded in sequences), and create Dicom files with new images and tags. Images can be passed as IPicture objects or as handle to bitmap structures. Custom measurement tool DicomXBridge supplies linear measurement tools, a zoom tool an a measures selection tool. If your application needs more tools it can react to the ocx events to draw custom cursors or add custom measures. Read DICOMDIR files The ocx can read and parse DICOMDIR structures, so your application will be able to read the content of Dicom CDs

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