Have you ever wanted to free your iPod from iTunes? Have you ever wanted to take your iPod to your friends house and plug it into their PC and share your music collections? If the answer is Yes, then iDumpPro is the product for you. Based on the award winning iDump which has been featured in magazines all over the world, iDumpPro is the next level in utility for your iPod. Supported iPods Full import/export support for all iPods expect iTouch and iPhone. Built in Media centre: listen to all songs or playlists in sequence or random order. Backup and restore: so you can make a full backup of your iPod and all music files. When the backup completes, you can in future either restore using iDumpPro or by using a special restore program which is saved with the backup file. Exporting songs: Unlike most iPod export programs on the net, you can use iDumpPro to convert the exporting songs in to different music formats and even export the same format but change its bitrate to make songs smaller. All you do is set the path you want the files to be exported to, the format of the files and folder structure if required and then the export conversion which can be either No conversion,MP3,AAC,OGG,WMA and WAV Importing Songs: iDumpPro supports the ability to import music from the PC to the iPod and updates the iPod database with the new tracks. It can import iPod compatible file types. It has options to import single file, search folders or even import from iTunes. Stream server: iDumpPro can be used as a streaming MP3 server. Just drag and drop songs, arrange their play order and then start the service. Use Windows Media player on another machine on your network to listen to your music.

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