HTML Email Newsletter Templates

HTML Email Newsletter Templates

The code is easily edited so you can customise the colours or the layout as much as you like and create even more options for yourself to use. We have paid special attention to typography and layout with these templates so that the email will almost always be viewed as intended with only slight variations in a few of the multiple email programs available. We have purposely left out images as a lot of the email programs turn these off by default and require the user to turn them on each time they receive an email. Meaning the intended recipient only sees the text and a lot of empty boxes with crosses in. The email templates have been tested on the following email clients: Outlook 2010, Yahoo! Mail (Explorer) Gmail (Explorer), Thunderbird 2.0, Thunderbird 3.0, Lotus Notes 8, BlackBerry Text, AOL Mail (Explorer), AOL Mail (Firefox), Apple Mail 4, BlackBerry HTML , Android 2.2, Gmail (Firefox), iPhone, iPad, Lotus Notes 8.5, Me.com (Firefox), Yahoo! Mail (Firefox), Hotmail (Explorer), Hotmail (Firefox) and Email Marketing Software Express.

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