hashTag Monitor

hashTag Monitor

Inspired by real life Twitter users frustrated with native capabilities while following hashtag (#tag) tweets from their friends. This application should help users to work with Twitter more effectively while spending less time searching for the information relevant to them. We hope that you’ll enjoy this application as a compact and fast (loads in < 5 seconds) alternative to a browser based tweeting applications for hashtag or chat monitoring. Download a copy today and see how easy it is to monitor tweets you are interested in. Multiple Twitter User Accounts Whether you have multiple Twitter accounts or share a computer with others, once you connect and validate your Twitter account switching accounts is as easy as selecting the desired user from a drop-down list. Remember User Settings When you exit hashTag Monitor your last used search options and settings will be stored. Then next time you start your application the settings will be automatically loaded and depending on your selected options your last search will be executed and the tweets loaded for your review. Limit Tweets To avoid showing too many search results and overwhelming user, we provided a few ways to limit your search results. All retweets are eliminated from the search results automatically. You can also limit the search results to the tweets from the last 12/24/48 hours or to the number of most recent tweets. Filter Tweets by Author To help you even further filter your search results we provided an easy way to limit who will can show up as an author in your Twitter search results. You can create a list of people who are allowed to get your attention. You can add them one by one or import an entire lists from your Twitter account. Search Definition Presets To minimize the time required to create a frequently used searches we provided you with an easy way to save the search parameters, along with the filter authors list, as a loadable preset.

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