GlobalCAD Symbols Pack 1

GlobalCAD Symbols Pack 1

Explore all of your creative ideas with this expert range of 2D symbol libraries for architecture, land planning and irrigation.

GlobalCAD Symbols Pack 1 serves the essential needs of architects, land planners and irrigation professionals. Present your clients with attractive, optimal designs as your ideas effortlessly flow from concept to completion. Published in association with industry experts, the symbol libraries are all fully indexed into familiar categories, helping save valuable drafting time.

GlobalCAD Symbols Pack 1 provides an easy to use library interface and includes ribbon/toolbar options for fast, convenient access to hundreds of symbols. Your existing blocks and design details can also be effectively stored within a powerful database, providing for a more controlled and managed working environment.

GlobalCAD Symbols Pack 1 supports Bricscad Pro and the entire family of AutoCAD products including AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Land Desktop and AutoCAD Map 3D. The software can be installed on a standalone computer or network drive (you can connect the entire design team with total network support options). Further details are available during installation.

Please Note: GlobalCAD Symbols Pack 1 is an add-on for AutoCAD/Bricscad Pro and requires one or more of the above CAD platforms to be pre-installed on your computer.

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