Galaxy: 3D Space Tour (screensaver)

Our Sun is just one dust particle fromat least 200 billion other stars orbiting around the center of our Cosmic Island called Galaxy or Milky Way. We see the is as a bright band of stars across the sky because our Sun lies in one of the spiral arms. When looked at using binoculars or a small telescope, it is seen to be composed of vast numbers of individual, faint stars. It is actually the disk of our own galaxy – seen from our perspective (within the disk), the flat lens- shape of the Galaxy appears to surround us. There are also two tiny galaxies called Magellanic Clouds orbiting around Milky Way.

But what if we leave our Solar System and the Galaxy on fantastic space ship and look back to our Space Island? What should we see? It’s impossible to verify, but we can imagine and simulate this fascinating space view using latest astronomical knowledges about The Galaxy.

This screensaver is an attempt to make such simulation as close to reality as possible, using modern 3D technologies. (You can also adjust simulation quality, speed and complexity through screensaver settings dialog).

Look at this. Remember that there are billions of such Galaxies in space. And think ARE WE ALONE in the Universe?…

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