fYO PhotoFun Home – Plus

fYO PhotoFun Home - Plus

fYO PhotoFun Home – Plus is an App that lets you discover Photo Albums on Facebook like a breeze. The App lets you: 1) Download entire Photo Albums from Facebook with just ONE click 2) Create remarkable Photo Collages 3) Create wonderful Webpages from Photos 4) Identify Photo Albums you haven?t visited for a while, thereby encouraging you to discover more 5) Enjoy Photos as a ‘Dancing’ Slideshow 6) Enjoy Photos as a Memory Game Puzzle 7) Enjoy Photos as a Jigsaw Game Puzzle 8) Enjoy Photos as a Slider Game Puzzle And yes, most of the above features are also available for Photos on your local drives like hard disk, external disk, usb, and phone. Finally, the App allows you to share the above ‘outputs’ (Photo Collages, Web Pages, ‘Dancing’ Slideshow, Memory Game Puzzle, Jigsaw Game Puzzle, Slider Game Puzzle) in the form of ‘Public Links’ via the Dropbox file sharing service. You can share these links on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Skype respectively.

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