Fox Screen Capture

Fox Screen Capture

Fox Screen Capture supports capturing by Windows, Buttons, Objects, Active Window, Full Screen, Desktop, Rectangle, Square, Fixed Region, Circle, Oval, Rounded Rectangle, Rounded Square. Fox Screen Capture supports reading from 30+ and saving to 10+ graphics formats, including most popular BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, ICO, etc. And it also supports converting graphics formats from one to another in batch mode with a built-in batch conversion tool. Fox Screen Captures supports 60+ most used effects and filters including soften, sharpen, contrast, lightness, etc. Key Features of Fox Screen Capture: * Capture by Windows, Buttons, Objects, Active Window, Screen, Desktop, Rectangle, Fixed Rectangle, Square, Circle, Oval, Rounded Rectangle, Rounded Square, Icon. * Save image to BMP, JPG, GIF, ICO, PNG, TIF, etc. * Open image from 30+ formats. * Built-in batch converter : convert images from one format to another in batch mode * Built-in color picker : pick any pixel’s color from your screen and get its HTML code or hex value * Unlimitted UNDO/REDO operations * Edit an image with more than 60 most used filters and effects * Add border to an image * Add shadow to an image * Rotate an image * Resize an image with different options * Customizable hot keys for capturing * Customizable hot keys for hiding/showing window * Show system tray icon or custom to remove it * Name rules for saving captures automatically * Customizable zoom-in window when capturing * Enable or disable keyboard support when capturing for accurate adjustment * Drag-and-drop window * Powerful search window for searching images from your PC * Recent files history list for easy accessing * More other features

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