Food For Health

Food For Health

This guide will be among the most important life changing sources of information about creating good health for you and your family that you will read.

And we will send you time tested home recipes and menus sent every two weeks (for 12 months) which will support your healthy living taken from grandmother’s recipe book. Look for our email asking you to register for this 2 weekly service.

This will a very important guide for your health and life – don’t miss out.

People’s health and personalities are not carved in stone. What we eat and consume really has profound effects on our bodies and our minds.

The effect drugs and alcohol have on our moods and personalities, created by floods of chemical released into the blood stream are obvious.

It is the same with foods. Food contains biochemicals, trace minerals and nutrients ? and all have profound effects on our bodies, moods and behavior.

So much so that a lack of essential trace elements, minerals and nutrients can cause great damage to our health, energy and well-being.

More serious effects of low intake levels of essential trace elements and minerals can lead to pre-diabetes, significant weight gain, learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, emotional disconnections, loss of work energies and the onset of illnesses that can lead to early death, such as full blown diabetes, aneurysms, goiter and cancers.

Our Guide supplies solutions, recipes and menus that will help you recover and sustain your health.

Plus time tested nutritious and healthy recipes that have sustained families well past their ninetieth birthdays.

You will need the Adobe Reader.

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Summary: ADHD, 12 months, two weeks

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