FolderClone – Standard Edition

FolderClone - Standard Edition

A ‘Set it and Forget it’ synchronization solution for Windows XP/2000/NT.

Looking for an easy way to backup your data? FolderClone lets you make an identical copy of a folder tree from one drive to another. It can be used to synchronize files between a desktop computer and a laptop, or replicate data between a workstation and a server. It can also be used to copy important files from your hard drive to another location. (ZIP drive, CD-RW, removable hard disk, network drives, local hard disk)

FolderClone’s ‘set it and forget it’ functioning means that after you set up a clone task the first time, it will be performed automatically at predefined intervals. Your important files will always be backed up to another location.
Your folder trees will always remain synched. You never need to think about this again! One less thing for you to worry about in this hectic world.

FolderClone is beneficial to individual users, small businesses (SOHO), and large corporations. Individual users will find FolderClone essential for backing up their data files and/or synchronizing their laptops to their desktops. For large enterprises and small businesses alike, FolderClone is part of the network infrastructure needed to maintain high file availability, protect your files, and share files throughout your organization.

FolderClone arranges your synchronization needs in sets of “tasks”. A task is a set of specifications that tells FolderClone what files/folders you want to be copied, where you want them copied, and how often you want this done. Once configured, FolderClone monitors the “source” folders for changes or updates and copies new or changed files to the “target”. This process runs automatically in the background without any further user-interaction required.

Key Features – standard
Easy to use, Interface for simple creation and maintenance of synchronization tasks. Four file comparison methods: Date/Time, Size, Contents, and CRC32 Uni-directional synchronization, replication, mirroring of data from Source folder to Target Folder One-to-many synchronization is supported. One Source folder may be synchronized with multiple Target folders. Uses native operating system APIs for scanning directories and copying files for optimum performance. Assembly Language routines are also utilized for blazingly fast execution. File copy only occurs if target files are actually different than the matching source file, reducing file transfer requirements. Multiple Copy Options: Including the ability to maintain the source file’s create time stamp, and a Safe Copy option which ensures that the target file is not deleted unless the copy operation is successful. Four Delete Options: Delete Permanently, Send To Recycle Bin, Do Not Delete, and Secure Delete. The Secure Delete option wipes the data from the disk so that the file can not be restored by an undelete utility. Option to Include/Exclude Sub Folders Option to include “All Files and Folders” or “Only Selected Files and Folders” Loads at Windows Startup and resides in the System Tray Runs unattended in the background and checks folders at user defined intervals Interval options include: Manual, Every Few Minutes, Every Few Hours, Every Few Days, Only On Selected Days, First Day of Month, and Last Day of Month.

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