Flight Simulator Screensaver Deluxe

Aircraft fly in the sky,There are many real terrain maps,include Mount McKinley,Mount Rainier,and more.also many aircrat are available for deluxe only,an mp3player with spectrum alylalizer is built in.

After register You can download maps at > For example:
1,Download mount_mckinley.zip..
2,Unzip mount_mckinley.zip to get a file Mount_McKinley.tem.
3,Copy Mount_McKinley.tem to tem directory,the directory usually looks like C:/Program Files/Longgame/3dflyingsaver/tem/.
4,To select the map from Start Menu->All program->3Dflyingsaver->Settings.

You can download aircraft at > Unzip the file and copy all cu files to aircraft directory,it usually looks like C:/Program Files/Longgame/3dflyingsaver/aircraft/.
You can add or remove aircraft from Start Menu->All program->3Dflyingsaver->Settings->Aircraft.

Upgrades to future releases are free

Purchase the full version for unlimited use

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