Fixed Asset Pro16 v3.5

Fixed Asset Pro16 v3.5

It is a reality that almost 90% of the organizations lost most of their assets without realizing it. It is either because the assets have been purchased years ago, or it is not being well register. Worst of all, many organizations overpays thousands or even millions, in insurance and tax costs due to in accurate recording of their asset and depreciation. Without decisive move in taking total control of your assets, the problems tend to persist for years to come. Without asset management solution such as Excelsoft Fixed Asset Management System, the tasks would be just impossible due to time limitation and manpower.

ExcelSoft? Fixed Asset Pro16 or FA-Pro delivers powerful and easy-to-used asset management yet it is very affordable. It manages and tracks all of your assets starting from the day it is acquired until it is being disposed. The reporting is very flexible and can be display in various format. It also generates depreciation journal for your entire asset automatically and can be integrated to your chart of accounts. You can group them by Dept, Cost Group, Class, Location, Custodian, etc. It supports various depreciation, transfer, write off, revaluation, disposal. Built-in integrated screen for easy access and viewing, complete with picture and breakdown.

It complies with International Accounting Standard (IAS-16) under Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE). It consists of many agile functions and features that help to manage, maintain, and control all company?s assets.

Complete recording of purchase price, date, service date, warranty date, asset class, cost group, custodian, vendor, department, provider, asset?s photo, asset breakdown, breakdown tagging, etc. You can also tag id and photo for the asset breakdown for tracking. Allow two depreciation methods for each asset, fiscal and calendar.

It comes with various depreciation methods, such as straight line, declining balance (fixed and variable by %), double declining (fixed and variable), sum of the year digit (full year and fiscal year). System is capable to recalculate depreciation regardless if the inquiry date or the useful life is changed. Even if asset revaluation is perform, all the historical calculations will remain correct without losing any historical detail.

TRANSFER AND DISPOSAL Asset can be transferred, dispose, write off, or revalue from the time of acquisition date. System will automatically record all the transaction, maintenance, and warranty performed to the asset. The complete journal will be automatically printed with complete account number for easy tracking and recording. The journal is already according to IFRS IAS16. If you have multiple branches, system can automatically provide asset transfer journal.

The reports are highly customizable to allow for individual reporting needs. Asset data may be sorted and grouped on a number of fields or download into MS Excel format for analysis. Various ready to use report formats are already available to use. All the necessary journals are automatically generated by FA-Pro. It can also be integrated with your existing Accounting System.

If you are currently using any old system, you can easily migrate to our FA-Pro. We provide a facility for you to transfer any of your assets from MS Excel format. Should any of the missing fields, FA-Pro will automatically guide you through for complete transfer.


  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • Support multiple company and multiple users
  • Support multiple assets transfer between branches or entities
  • Comprehensive fixed asset fields for recording
  • Group Assets by Class, Cost Group, Provider, Custodian, Department, Service provider
  • Allow setting depreciation methods for Commercial and Fiscal
  • etc

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