Five Keys To Business Success (Excel Add-Ins)

Five Keys To Business Success (Excel Add-Ins)

Five Excel Add-Ins For Business.

Excel add-ins provide ready made solution for forecasting, investment economics, portfolio optimization, business resource optimization and material planning.

Forecasting.xla. Calculates moving averages, exponential smoothing moving averaging, linear regression and seasonal trend analysis.

Investment Economics.xla. Calculates net present values and internal rate of return after tax for any capital investment projects. Selects projects that in aggregate meet users objectives.

Portfolio Optimization.xla. Optimises any investment portfolio to meet users objectives. Both business investments and securities investments are catered for.

Process.xla. Creates computer models to mirror business flows. Calculates the optimized scheduling of materials and resources which maximise profits. Use Process Flow to work with your line managers on each business step for scheduling the the highest optimization of scarce resources.

MRP.xla. Creates dynamic materials requirement planning (MRP) spreadsheets which optimizes the least cost solution for users’ manufacturing requirements. Including material purchasing, defines minimum inventory levels, least cost production scheduling.

Free Giveaway. Business Statistics for Excel. Instant calculation of Averages, Moving Averages, Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Frequency, Seasonality Trends, Correlation, Variance, Regression formula, Significance (T-Test), Sigma and Six Sigma values, Least Squares, Best Fit Forecasting.
Supression of unwanted zeros in data range, set upper and lower boundaries for calculations.

Download the entire Collection plus instructional templates in one zip file.

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