FileStream TurboBackup

FileStream TurboBackup

TurboBackup lets you backup Windows System State, data, E-mail message, contact, registry, system settings, photo, music, and documents on demand or via scheduler directly to DVD, CD, Disk, Network, remote server, no other softare needed. TurboBackup has protected over 4 million paid users since 1997. This new release 7.3 is Windows 7 ready and addresses the challenges many users face with using new technologies, such as USB Flash Drive, Blu-ray and HD DVD, Laptop, Remote Backup, all those iTunes, Pictures, Videos, BlackBerry, and with Windows Vista. TurboBackup 7.3 helps you to easily back up any types of critical data to secure places that you are comfortable with; and restore is just as easy. For new and experienced users alike, the TurboBackup Prepare Backup function lets you know ahead of time how much data will be backed up and gives you an estimate about space requirement and the number of discs needed for the backup. Many TurboBackup users have been using it for backing up work, synchronizing between Laptop and Desktop computers, exporting data to offsite locations to prepare for disaster recovery, or archiving their personal data to DVD or Memory Stick for sharing or storage. In addition to full and partial restores, the Previous Version function gives you all the backups of the same document so you can decide which version to restore.

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