FileStream SafeShield

FileStream SafeShield

SafeShield is your best safety net. It protects your computers from virus attacks and system errors. You can visit any site, download anything, open any document or program, or do online banking, without worrying about being attacked, saving unwanted objects on your computer, leaving behind surfing tracks, or having security settings accidentally changed. Imagine being able to page through web sites without worrying about being attacked by virus, malwares… You don’t need to setup Firewall, Blacklist, and watch where you are going. Turn on SafeShield to create a virtual world (a copy of your Windows). Whenever you are ready to get out the virtual world, restart your computer and you are going back to how everything was before as if nothing has ever happened on your computer. In addition, SafeShield works well with all popular firewall, antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, and other security software. Using Virtualization Technology, which is an advanced technology with a simple concept, SafeShield is easy to use. You can install it on any computer and it takes one click to turn it on when you need it or when you are going to share your computer with others. The current version comes with the advanced features that let you optionally exclude folders and drives of your choice while still maintaining system protection.

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