Fencing & Design Book

Fencing & Design Book

If your thinking about renovating or building new, you?ll most likely need to erect a fence either for security, safety, privacy or to create a boundary around your home. But how high should the fence be? What should it be made from? and what about pool safety, since the rules seem to change every summer? This information explores Australian standards for fencing to help take the guesswork out of your fence installation.

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Summary: Fencing

Concepts: Safety, Fencing

/home and garden/gardening and landscaping/yard and patio
/business and industrial

Tags: fence installation.Get Fencing, Australian standards, Design Book, unlimited useSummary, pool safety, /home, guesswork, thinking, privacy, need, security, home, information, rules, summer, version, FencingConcepts, FencingCategories, garden/gardening

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