FarStone DriveClone Server 9

FarStone DriveClone Server 9

DriveClone #1 Professional Hard Drive to Hard Drive Cloning Software for Servers ? Clone Hard Drive to Another Hard Drive ? Cloned Hard Drive is Immediately Bootable ? Clone Hard Drive to Solid State Drive ? Clone Different Size Hard Drives and Solid State Drives ? Easily Upgrade PC & Server with a new Hard Drive or Solid State Drive ? Support UEFI, GPT, S/W RAID, H/W RAID, and >2TB HDD DriveClone is far more than a hard drive cloning software! Why? FarStone DriveClone is a professional hard drive to hard drive cloning software. DriveClone makes exactly copy of hard drives and solid state drives. More than clone drives, DriveClone implements with the most advanced and unique technologies. During drive cloning, DriveClone’s Perfect Defrag will 100% defrags data before writing to destination hard drive, boosts the cloned drive’s performance 20%; DriveClone’s Smart Cloning excludes junk files from copying to the destination hard drive, saving 10GB-100GB space. And more, DriveClone’s Universal Cloning keeps the cloned drive in a “Universal Bootable Format”, the cloned disk is able to boot on different computers; making upgrade to new HDD and new PC simple and easy. PC/Server Upgrade and Hard Drive/Solid State Drive Cloning FarStone DriveClone is a professional hard drive to hard drive cloning software. DriveClone copies Windows and all files, including applications, settings and disk partition information to another disk, or solid state drive (HDD or SSD). The cloned disk is immediately bootable with 20% performance boosts. Use the cloned disk to boot PC system and use applications as a complete replacement, making the transition, movement & upgrading to new hard drive or solid state drive(HDD or SSD) simple, fast and easy. What DriveClone 9 Can Do for You? ? Upgrade/Migrate to a new PC/Server ? Clone Hard Drive to Hard Drive ? Clone Hard Drive to Solid State Drive ? Clone to Different Size Hard Drive or Solid State Drive ? Clone Windows and everything ? Upgrade/Migrate to a Bigger HDD ? Duplicate/Copy Hard Drive or Solid State Drive ? Clone Hard Drive in Universal Boot Format Allowing Boot on any Computers ? Boost Hard Drive Performance 20% with Perfect Cloning ? Remove Junks and Redundant Data 10GB – 50GB from Hard Drive What’s new in DriveClone V9? ? Support Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 ? Windows 8 Style User Inferface ? Improve Cloning Speed 20% ? Smart Cloning Remove Junk Files From Disk ? Perfect Defrag Boosts Drive Performance up to 20% ? Universal Boot Enable Cloned Disk Bootable on any Computers ? Support UEFI, GPT, Software RAID, Hardware RAID, and 2.5 TB/3TB Hard Drive ? Automatic Partition Resizing ? Cloning without Interrupting Current Work Other Main Features ? Clone/Copy entire hard disk or partition(s) ? Cloned Windows drive is immediately bootable ? Automatically or manually partition(s) resizing ? Copy/Clone > 2TB & 3 TB hard drive ? Copy/Clone Raid system ? Copy/Clone Ultrabook Hybrid disk system ? Copy/Clone GPT disk & Dynamic disk ? Clone/Copy UEFI & EFI system ? Copy/Clone Open file, hard links ? Copy/Clone Windows 8/7/Vista/XP ? Clone/Copy Servers 2000/2003/2008 (Only Available for DriveClone Server) DriveClone Eidtions There are 2 editions of DriveClone: ? DriveClone (Standard): Supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP ? DriveClone Server: Supports Windows Server 2012, 2008, 2003

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