Product Code: FwFSF

This product, FAMILY SAVINGS FORECASTER, assists you with formulating a savings plan.

Produce a savings forecast schedule based on the interest rate, number of months, target balance, and monthly amount. See how your savings balance will accumulate over time.

Allows you to set up “what-if” scenarios, such as an annual increase in your monthly savings amount or an extra annual payment, to see how you can more rapidly achieve your family or personal savings goals.

Calcuates your monthly savings amount (or any of the other savings variables) based on the assumptions you enter.

Easy to use. Keep separate forecasts for each savings goal. Save for kids college. Save for a family vacation or trip. Plan for retirement! Every family needs this tool.

Desktop Software For Windows (tablets, notebooks, laptops, PCs; is not a phone app)

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Summary: savings plan, FORECASTER, Desktop Software, Windows

Concepts: Personal computer, Planning, Future, Forecasting, Technology forecasting

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Tags: FAMILY SAVINGS FORECASTER, savings forecast schedule, savings plan, personal savings goals, monthly savings, savings balance, savings variables, extra annual payment, Desktop Software, target balance

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