Product Code: FwFHI

This program is a tool for capturing your personal property, room by room, attaching photographs when desireable, and keeping track of disposition of property when that time comes.

Another important use is to document your property, everything in your home, for insurance purposes in case of fire, flooding, or other disaster.

The focus is on removeable property like furniture, not on home improvements or permanent attachments or fixtures to your home. (If you would take it with you when you move keep track of it here.)

Keep track of inventory in multiple homes and locations (such as second homes or rental units), including out buildings, your yard, storage facilities, etc.

Exports to Excel or PDF file.

Easy and FUN to use. Visually intuitive.

Windows Desktop Software (Tablets, Laptops, PCs; is not a phone app)

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Summary: insurance purposes, Windows Desktop Software, PDF file

Concepts: Personal computer, Real estate, Graphical user interface

/art and entertainment/music/music genres/easy listening
/business and industrial
/home and garden/home furnishings

Tags: Windows Desktop Software, insurance purposes, FAMILY HOME INVENTORY, Graphical user interfaceCategories, entertainment/music/music genres/easy listening/business, removeable property, personal property, Product Code, home improvements, phone app, permanent attachments, rental units, multiple homes, storage facilities, PDF file, unlimited useSummary, garden/home furnishings, Real estate, PDF fileConcepts, track, /art, room, disposition, flooding, Laptops, yard, FwFHI, program, tool, photographs, time, disaster, PCs, case, focus, furniture, fixtures, Exports, Excel, FUN, locations

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