Product Code: FwFD

This program, FAMILY DECISIONS, may be one of the most useful tools your family can have.

Helps your family make those big family decisions (and it can help with the little decisions too).

Provides an objective way to analyze something subjective.

Identify and name the decision you need to make.

Identify the alternatives (the possible choices).

Determine your decision criteria (what factors will you take into consideration).

Weight each criterion (how important is it to your decision).

Using the criteria you have chosen, rate each of your chosen alternatives.

FwFD calculates a weighted point rating for each alternative.

FwFD picks the alternative with the highest value.

FwFD produces a report that documents your decision.

Archive your decision for future reference (to remember why you decided that? — did you make a good decision? — can you live with it?)

Start making better family decisions.

Windows Desktop Software (tablets, laptops, PCs; is not a phone app)

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Summary: FwFD, Windows Desktop Software

Concepts: Personal computer, Graphical user interface, Laptop, Desktop computer, Computer software, The Alternative, Computer program, Decision making

/education/alumni and reunions
/business and industrial
/health and fitness/weight loss

Tags: family decisions, big family decisions, better family decisions, weighted point rating, Graphical user interface, Windows Desktop SoftwareConcepts, little decisions, Archive your decision, good decision, Decision makingCategories, Product Code, useful tools, objective way, possible choices, phone app, highest value, unlimited useSummary, future reference, fitness/weight loss, FwFD, alternatives, criteria, alternative, program, criterion, consideration, laptops, Laptop, factors, rate, PCs, report, documents, Order, version

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