Excel For Investment Simulations

Investment Simulators (Project NPV & IRR)

Five Excel Workbook Collection:

Investment Project ROR Targeting.

Investment-Calc 1.

Justify Capital Investment Proposal.

Monte Carlo Sales – Profits Forecasting.

Quick Real Estate ROIC Analysis.

Any version of Excel required.

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Summary: Monte Carlo Sales, Real Estate

Concepts: Net present value, Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo method, Investment, Capital accumulation, Simulation, Insurance, Capital

/business and industrial/company/earnings
/real estate
/finance/investing/venture capital

Tags: Monte Carlo Sales, Monte Carlo method, Excel required.Get Excel, Investment Project ROR, Capital Investment Proposal, Estate ROIC Analysis, Net present value, industrial/company/earnings/real estate/finance/investing/venture capital, Workbook Collection, Investment Simulators, Profits Forecasting, Capital accumulation, Investment Simulations, unlimited useSummary, Real EstateConcepts, version, Insurance, CapitalCategories

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