Excel For Finance 2017 – 45 Complete Workbooks

Join the thousands of users of our Excel For Finance workbooks to get quick answers to complex financial questions, without tediously working it all out yourself – with these ready made workbooks containing the formulas that create the right answers – and use their coaching to show you how to construct financial formulas, combining multiple formula brackets in Excel to give you the solutions you want in your own spreadsheets.

The file sizes in MB are shown in brackets.

Acquistion Analysis & IRR (0.062) Costing & Expense Control Activity Costing for R&D Tax Claims (0.351) Financial Valuation For New Owners (1.213) Cost Reduction Program & IRR (0.065) Financial Ratio Business Health Check (1.515) Costing Formulas Templates (0.207) Expiry Date Cash Auto Notifications (0.065) Purchase Order Control System (1.21) Analytics Asset Manager, SL, DB, DBB Depreciation, Salvage (2.11) Cash Flow Forecasting Monte Carlo Sales – Profits Forecasting (1.9) Bank & Credit Card Management (0.481) 10 Year (Monthly) Cash Flow Forecasting (1.058) Bond Pricing & Swap Profits, NPV Schedules (0.144) Detailed Cash Forecaster for 2017 (0.495) Receivable and Payable Accounts Reconciliation (2.43) Working Capital Cash Forecasting (11.58) Free Cash Flows & Ratios For 5 Periods Analysis (1.46) Project Cash Scheduler (0.26) Present Value Loss of Earnings (0.062) Source & Application of Funds (0.131) 50 Five Period Financial Ratios (1.47) Rental Property Management (0.112) Financial Modelling Improvement Project Analysis – What If NPV (0.1) Investment Project ROR Targeting (0.048) Budgeting 12 Month Budget Forecasting (0.122) Real Estate Income ROIC (0.148) Balance Sheets 12 Month Budgets Consolidation (0.105) Rate of Return Solutions (0.04) Income Statements Budget Consolidation 2017 (1.87) Investment Calc and Loan Note NPV (0.455) Cash Flows 150 Day Cash Flow Forecasting (0.172) Pricing Demand Profit Elasticity (0.137) Consolidation Three Year Financial Plan (2.52) Project Management Business Plans Five Year Year Financial Plan (3.802) Project Management for Excel (12.20) (Done For You) 10 Year Financial Statement Forecasts (1.941) Financial Plans Business Plan & Deep Equity Financing (0.491) Share Portfolio Strategies Share Portfolio Strategy (Windows) (0.356) Forecasts Fast 3 Year Company Plan (2.462) Share Portfolio Strategy (Mac) (0.337) Funding Plan PRO 10 (1.947) Achieve Personal Goals With Goal Seek (0.079) Quick Plan for Business Start Ups (0.715) Share Value Predictor 2011-2017 (0.071)

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Summary: Cash Flow, Analytics Asset Manager, Monte Carlo Sales, Forecaster, Windows, Real Estate, 12 Month, 10 Year, Three Year, Five Year, 150 Day, 3 Year

Concepts: Net present value, Planning, Management, Income statement, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Free cash flow, Internal rate of return, Corporate finance

/technology and computing/hardware/computer/servers
/technology and computing/consumer electronics/tv and video equipment/televisions/lcd tvs
/business and industrial

Tags: Cash Flow Forecasting, Capital Cash Forecasting, Detailed Cash Forecaster, Project Cash Scheduler, Expiry Date Cash, Free Cash Flows, Analytics Asset Manager, Monte Carlo Sales, Free cash flow, Share Portfolio Strategy, Flow Forecasting Monte, complex financial questions, Financial Ratio Business, Period Financial Ratios, Financial Plans Business, Project Management Business, Loan Note NPV, Financial Statement Forecasts, Financial Modelling Improvement, multiple formula brackets, Credit Card Management, Investment Project ROR, Rental Property Management, Statements Budget Consolidation, Share Value Predictor, Share Portfolio Strategies, Real Estate Income, Purchase Order Control, Funding Plan PRO, Expense Control Activity, R&D Tax Claims, Cost Reduction Program, financial formulas, Net present value, Business Start Ups, Demand Profit Elasticity, Profits Forecasting, Deep Equity Financing, video equipment/televisions/lcd tvs/business, Achieve Personal Goals, NPV Schedules, Generally Accepted Accounting, Budget Forecasting, Finance workbooks, Financial Valuation, Project Analysis, Acquistion Analysis, Quick Plan, Formulas Templates, Complete Workbooks

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