Excel Financial Super Collection 2016

Excel Financial Super Collection 2016

Our Super Collection delivers the best and most extensive library of Excel Financial workbooks we have yet published, expanding our 2015 edition by 25% to a massive 33 workbooks with approximately 300 (linking) spreadsheets, databases and table – all contained within the following zip folders:

Asset Manager for Excel.zip (Asset lease schedules, cost allocations added).
Balance Sheets.zip (No accounting knowledge required).
Budgets.zip (Consolidations).
Business Plans-Financial.zip (Deep equity strategy).
Company Valuation.zip (Methodology of a classic bid valuation).
Costings.zip (Standard costing, costing formulas, expense controls).
Financial Plans.zip (Alternative 3-5-10 year financial plans with P/L, Balance sheets, Income statements and Cash flow schedules).
Financial Ratios.zip (50 time tested financial ratios, including Altman Z score solvency test).
Project Management – Financials (Managing cash flows).
Risk Analysis Forecasting.zip (Easy simulation of changes in revenues, gross margins – quantifying cost adjustments to maintain profits – covers 3 year forecasts – with chart).
Spreadsheets-Misc.zip (Miscellaneous collection).
Working Capital.zip (Accounts receivable, accounts payable management, free cash flow analysis).

We recommend adding CD back up to your order to keep your files safe and sound.

During the month of May 2016 buyers can take advantage of our $90 price discount coupon XDAT-628T-PQGO, reducing the purchase price to $79.95.

In June the discounted promo price will increase to $89.95 and July to $99.95.

The current coupon is limited to the first 100 buyers and expires on May 31, 2016.

Use Coupon code: XDAT-628T-PQGO

Get Excel Financial Super Collection 2016 now:

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Summary: Cash flow, Coupon code, Asset Manager, Altman Z, 10 year, $79.95, $89.95, $99.95, 3 year, $90, 25%

Concepts: Accounts receivable, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Income statement, Cash flow, Free cash flow, Balance sheet, Discounted cash flow, Liability

/finance/accounting and auditing
/business and industrial

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