Excel Analytics For Management

Excel Analytics For Management

Seven parts Excel workbook collection.

Done for you – the following:

50 Five Period Financial Ratios.

Asset Manager, SL, DB, DBB.

Bank & Credit Card Management.

Bond Pricing & Swap Profits, NPV Schedules.

Expenses Reduction Analysis.

Inventory Control Management.

Receivable and Payable Accounts Reconciliation.

Save by purchasing all seven workbooks in this one collection.

Get Excel Analytics For Management now:

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Concepts: Management, Baseball, Accounts receivable, Credit history

/automotive and vehicles/auto parts
/business and industrial
/technology and computing/programming languages/visual basic

Tags: parts Excel workbook, NPV Schedules.Expenses Reduction, collection.Get Excel Analytics, Payable Accounts Reconciliation, Period Financial Ratios.Asset, Credit Card Management.Bond, Analysis.Inventory Control Management.Receivable, Swap Profits, unlimited useConcepts, Credit historyCategories, vehicles/auto parts/business, amp, workbooks, DB, SL, following, Manager, DBB.Bank, Pricing, version, Baseball

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