Excel Add-Ins File Collection

Excel Add-Ins File Collection

Powerful Add in files for Microsoft Excel provide extra capabilities that go well beyond standard Microsoft Excel features:

? Create pages link menu of all your spreadsheet pages for faster working.
? Bring reminders messages into Excel.
? Display formulas list with links to each formula. Makes editing and locating formula errors much quicker.
? More cell range options than provided by Microsoft.
? Convert imported numbers to true Excel formats.
? Hide zeros, text, numbers, negatives, positives with one click.
? Create 365 days calendars.
? Manage duplicates. Find and delete duplicates in your lists.
? Convert vertical data into horizontal rows with one click.
? Copy data ranges to a different part of your spreadsheets keeping the original cell references.
? Reduce files to save disk space.

Offer to swap anything with business professionals after purchase, business cards, information or private. Join our 4,000 strong swap club. The swap form is provided in the supplementary information following purchase. Change what you don’t need or want into something you do.

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