Estate Manager Professional

Attorneys, CPA’s and other Wealth Management Professionals are always looking for additional solutions to increase market share and retain clients. Estate Manager Professional is a tool that allows you to add new services to you current estate planning offerings. Estate Manager Professional is an estate asset tracking tool that allows you enter a clients assets that are not included in a will. Using an interview process that includes more that three hundred questions covering all aspects of estate assets you provide the ultimate in client protection. There are any number of important assets a client possesses that are not included in a will such as safe deposit boxes, storage units, remote property such as boats, aircraft and more. If you have ever lost someone close you know that the day after the funeral you stand in the living room and ask now what. Where are the insurance policies? Dad always talked about getting a boat, where would it be? I know they had a safe deposit box, what bank? What box number? Where would the key be? What is the name of the broker that has his stocks? The list goes on and on. In the interview process we go over all aspects of estate assets and bring to mind things that most people never consider when planning their estate. Truly this is “Planning beyond the will”. In addition to your will development and estate planning options, Estate Manager Professional provides you a new solution to attract and maintain more clients. The interview process is a simple list of questions grouped by asset category. Once the questions are answered the program generates a fill in the blanks database for each question affirmatively answered. For example the client answers yes to having a whole life insurance policy. When the data framework is generated there is a base record for the life insurance policy. Enter that record and fill in the policy information and that’s it. The process is the same for all questions and categories. Once the information is completed you can print a detailed asset report for your client or create a Flash Drive copy of the program that contains all of the information for that specific client. The client can take it home, plug it into any (windows) computer and view or maintain the information on there own. If they make changes they can return to your office and upload the information back into the office copy of the program. A powerful query capability gives you the opportunity to followup with clients and notify them of changes in the law that might impact their estate. Estate Manager Professional gives you a new tool that benefits your client with a service not found anywhere else and gives you a new source of income. Estate Manager Professional is a Windows based solution that works either standalone or installed onto a network. All data is encrypted and the application is secured with user based passwords and security options that you set for each user. The bottom line is your bottom line. Start increasing your market share by offering a solution that your competitors do not have. Download the program today and see what it can do for you.

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