“Erudit ” is a game the history of which goes back to the past. It is the most exciting intellectual word game in the world. Scrabble will be enjoyed by those who like spending leisure time playing smart games. It fits both the thrilling single combat eye-to-eye and pleasant rest among friends and family. It is fascinating and brainstorming entertainment. It fits both the thrilling single combat eye-to-eye with your friend or computer and pleasant rest among friends playing the net game. The game field is a big checked square (15х15). In the beginning of the game there is a word in the field. A player has 7 tokens (letters). You must make new words of these tokens which will go through already set letters on the field. It is only allowed to make common nouns of the nominative case singular. It is allowed to write diminutives which have its own meaning. Shortcuts are forbidden to write. It is necessary for the words to have as many points as possible. The number of points is counted in the following way: the value of all the tokens is summed up which are set on the field and make new words. The number of points may be multiplied if the word goes through colourful fields. The green colour of the field means that the value of the letter which is located on it is doubled. If a letter is located on the blue field its value is trebled. If a written word goes through the brown field the value of the word is doubled, if it goes through the red field its value is trebled. The words is counted only in case it is limited with blank squares in the beginning and at the end or with the verge of the field. As soon as the appropriate word is set all its letters are marked with stars. When a player can?t make any word of the tokens left he can press the . The player can replace any number of his letters with other letters from the bag but it will be counted as a lead. A player can get a red token with a five-pointed star. This token can be used to denote any letter.

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