Convert TV or monitor into digital sign quickly and easily EXNP eReader + TV = Digital Sign Why do you need digital sign: 1- Presence of the TVs and / or monitors with dynamic content make the atmosphere much more lively and attractive. Remember, human brains are programmed for motion. Our eyes are automatically drawn to the moving objects. 2- You can eliminate the cost and waiting time in comparison to printing. Content can be updated any time, from anywhere and almost immediately! 3- It is modern and impressive. It is a great way to attract customers or attract customer’s attention while they are browsing your store or just waiting for the service. People are more likely to pay attention to your messages if you are displaying: promotions, service information, news in sequence of your choosing; 4-Digital signage allows you to generate additional revenue from advertisers, especially for places such as malls or medical centers. 5-It provides owners with an edge over their competitors. If they already have it, so should you. 6-Can be installed at the point of sale and helps to engage customers, telling them about product or service they did not know you are providing. 7- You have full control over what is displayed. You have ability to determine timeframe when you want information to be displayed and more

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Summary: dynamic content, TV, EXNP, point of sale

Concepts: A Great Way to Care, Advertising, 1999 albums, Brain, Customer service, Attractive, The Point, Atmosphere

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Tags: digital sign, dynamic content, great way, 5-It provides owners, politics/legal issues/human rights/home, EXNP eReader, human brains, Convert TV, additional revenue, medical centers, 4-Digital signage, unlimited useSummary, garden/pest control/art, entertainment/dance/modern dance, service information, Customer service, point, attention, time, customers, timeframe, govt, TVs, Attractive, malls, advertisers, motion, atmosphere, objects, Presence, competitors, eyes, cost, monitors, monitor, choosing, store, People, messages, news, places, comparison, sequence, edge, version, saleConcepts, Care, Advertising, albums, sale

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