ElectriCalm 3D Screensaver

Have a video card with OpenGL hardware support? Show it off with the ElectriCalm 3D Screen Saver. When it kicks in, your point-of-view is as if you were spinning around in a parched desert landscape, complete with red fog and a starry sky. Multicolored lightning bolts strike all around you, while you hear realistic sound effects. Animated crossline and hieroglyphs add to the mysterious, other-worldly feel. The program will work if you just have the software-based OpenGL support that comes with most 32-bit versions of Windows, but the graphics were indeed impressive on the 3dfx Voodoo 3000-powered display, especially when the high quality rendering setting was selected. Other options let you specify the video mode and toggle the sounds, crosslines, and hieroglyphs.

Purchase the full version for unlimited use

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