Ecover Generator.V 2.0

Ecover Generator.V 2.0 Create stunning Ebook Covers and software Box Images Instantly. ecover Generator has been designed to provide you with some of the best ecovers and software box images on the market,you can now create stunning new designs, anything from 2 sided Software Boxes ,3 sided Software Boxes ,ebook Coverss,CD Covers,Specail Report covers,wide Box covers,Ezine cover,thin book cover,yes,you can create them all. Simple ready to use software specifically designed to create ecovers-installs in less then a minute! This Software dose the work for you,easy to read comprehensive User Manual-a complete Step by-step guide about utilising eCover Generator! we show you how to make an ecover in just a few simple easy to follow steps.Give your product instant appeal. Please note: these are free downloads but you still need to purchase the Regkey serial number key for unlocking your software,to finish the install process. All : Windows, including Windows 8, & 8.1 /7,ME,XP, VISTA,2000.

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