Easy Archive Maker (w/Resale Rights)

“Attract More Subscribers, Generate More Sales And Increase Your Search Engine Ranking By Instantly Turning Your Newsletter Articles Into A Permanent Online Archive … All With Just A Few Mouse Clicks!”

Special bonus … includes full Master Resale Rights!

Dear Friend,

If you publish a newsletter, you may already know the value of creating an archive of your old articles.

This provides a reference source to attract new subscribers and offers a rich feeding ground for the Search Engine Spiders, increasing the Search Engine ranking of your site.

An archive can also be used to advertise your products or promote affiliate programs to your website visitors by placing additional adverts on the HTML pages containing the archive.

Despite all these advantages, if you’re like most marketers, you probably don’t actually create your own archive, simply because it can be so time consuming.

Even if you do maintain your own archive, you are no doubt continually spending time and effort on updating it. This is time which could be better spent elsewhere.

Our Easy Archive Maker software makes light work of building an archive for you, instantly turning any text article into a full HTML web page and automatically building and maintaining your article index.

The HTML pages created are built from a special template, so they exactly match the look and feel of your site and can even include your chosen adverts and links.

Using this quick and easy software, you can add new articles to your site archive in seconds, allowing you to build your own online newsletter archive with minimal effort. Attract Visitors Through The Search Engines Automatically Search Engines love sites which offer information content. If you publish a quality newsletter, the articles and messages you send to your subscribers are probably packed with just the right sort of content. By simply turning each article or message into an HTML page linked into your website, the Search Engine Spiders will find these pages and list them. The more pages you have listed, the more chance someone will find your site. This means more visitors, more subscribers and more sales! With Easy Archive Maker, you can get all these advantages with just a few seconds work and generate ongoing benefits from material that you’ve already created. Easily Attract New Subscribers When offering people your newsletter, it’s much easier to get people to agree if they can see your old articles, as it gives them a taste of what to expect. You can also slot signup forms into each page, so anyone casually surfing your site will see that they can get more articles, just by subscribing. With just a few seconds work each week and your copy of Easy Archive Maker, you can attract lots more subscribers and that of course means more money in your pocket!

Purchase the full version for unlimited use

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