EaseFilter File System Data Protection SDK(In House Single Developer License)

EaseFilter File System Data Protection SDK(In House Single Developer License)

EaseFilter Data Protection SDK provides a comprehensive data protection solutions for the sensitive data.The SDK includes the build in encryption driver engine, it can encrypt and decrypt the files transparently with 256 bit AES algorithm; The SDK includes the file access control driver engine, it can prevent the access to sensitive files by unauthorized users or processes; The SDK also includes the file I/O access monitor driver engine, it can monitor the file access in real time and generate the autit logs for the auditor with full history of the file access activities. The SDK provides the flexible filter rules, which allow you create data protection policies based on file types, process names, process Ids and user names. You can add the data protection policies to the local files, or you can embedded the policy to the encrypted files and distribute the encrypted files via internet without data leaking. With the EaseFilter SDK, you can create the softwares in these categories: 1. File Encyption software. Develop transparent file level encryption software with encryption filter driver engine source code in one step. 2.Secure file access control software. Develop the secure file access control software in c#/c++ with source code of the examples, no filter driver experience needed. 3.Confidential file sharing software. Protect your confidential files be leaked, develop the build in software to integrate with your encrypted sensitive data and embedded with access control policies. 4. File content management software. Develop the secure software to screen the file content before it is accessed by the application, make sure your content has not been tampered. 5. Anti-virus software. Build your own custom anti-virus software with complete filter driver framework source code, reduce your development time and improve the efficiency. 6. Customer filter driver development. Develop your custom filter driver with the filter driver framework.

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